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Ephraim Ross

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Ephraim Ross

Design. Education.

About Me

I am a creative professional educator, passionate about leveraging technology to meaningfully redefine the way we connect and learn in a digital world. I am a student of design, communication, typography, balance, and beauty in all things.

Employment History

Position Company Start
Director of Design
& Instructional Innovation
American College of Health Sciences 2015
Educational Technologist Environmental Systems Research Inst. 2014
Senior Instructional Designer Providence Health and Services 2011
Lead Instructional Designer American College of Health Sciences 2009
Creative Media Teacher High Tech High North County 2007
Special Projects High Tech High 2006
Humanities Teacher High Tech Middle Media Arts 2005
Distance Educator Connections Academy 2004


Pomona College - Claremont, CA (2003)
B.A. Cognitive Science and Linguistics

Cal State San Marcos - San Marcos, CA (2004)
Multiple Subject Credential, English Supplemental

HTH Graduate School of Ed - Point Loma, CA (2008)
Demonstrated Mastery of Instructional Technology
Completed Single Subject Credential


Quickly Evolving

My Skillset

Consider me a man of the modern renaissance. I'm a dynamic, creative quick study constantly pushing the envelope to learn new skills .If you need someone agile to wear many hats and wear each of them well, I'm your man.

Design Skill
Software / Technical
Adobe CS5
Microsoft Office
Flash / XML
PC Environment
Mac Environment
Client Support
Project Management
Team Player
Passion / Attitude
  • Stroke Awareness Module

    For Stroke Awareness Month a few years back, Providence Health and Services asked me to develop a training module to ensure all of their 80,000 employees would know how to react should they ever encounter someone suffering a stroke. This was one of my first experiences playing the dual role of designer AND voice-actor. Forgive the poor vocal performance.

    Clicking the link below will launch the SCORM compliant eLearning module. You will be prompted to enter a name and email address... don't worry, it won't be used. Feel free to make something up if you like.

    Launch the Stroke Awareness Module

  • Esri MOOC:
    Going Places with Spatial Analysis

    Spearheaded Esri's first ever MOOC with a fantastic team. On this project I served as Project Manager, Instructional Designer, and even produced a few of the videos (such as the initial Orientation video pictured here). This course was the first of its kind, and introduced thousands of students to GIS using the udemy learning platform.

    To learn more about Esri MOOCs, click here. Or, click here to watch the Orientation video.

  • MyEsri Explainer Video

    This one is a little unique. A colleague on my team had recorded the audio for a training project. I took his audio, cleaned it up, created some graphic design assets and brought the whole thing to life with a lot of animation.

    Much like the last two portfolio items, this will give you a good sense of how my visual design style has been developing. Please disregard the audio quality.

    Launch the Explainer Video

  • Interactive Simulations using Camtasia

    This one is unique too. Our small team of designers had an increasing portfolio of eLearning projects, and we needed to decrease our turnaround time on new modules. Captivate can be painfully slow to develop with, so I developed this proof of concept: An interactive simulation using some clever tricks in Camtasia.

    Within a year our team was developing almost exclusively with Camtasia. And our average development time was cut by about 50%.

    Watch the Proof of Concept here

  • CASIO Education UI

    CASIO just launched a slick new calculator they hope will transform High School Math classrooms across the country. With a calculator this radically new, however, they faced an uphill battle training Math Educators to use all the new features. To this end, I came in.

    I worked with CASIO to develop an attractive, intuitive new user interface (UI) and web portal for their eLearning Resources, while matching the look and feel of their current branding.

    Visit CASIO Education

  • General Plastics Site Redesign

    I was tasked with re-imagining General Plastic's website utilizing modern design trends, interactive social features, and a mobile friendly interface. All while maintaining the unique colors and style of their internationally renowned brand.

    Click to view the redesign.

  • Student Apps Deployment

    After managing a successful pilot program with select students and staff, I directed a campus-wide deployment of Google Apps for the college.

    All staff and students now have unlimited storage for their @ACHS.edu college based email, web and document hosting needs, as well as project collaboration tools that come fully integrated into their coursework with the college.

    As part of the deployment, I re-branded Google Apps to uniquely reflect the color, feel, and spirit of the college.

  • Online Training Course:
    Preventing Sexual Harassment

    My first freelance eLearning project was to develop a short online sexual harassment course. But rather than use the traditional Flash based platforms (such as Articulate and Captivate - at that time), they asked if I could develop something lightweight, quickly deployable, and mobile friendly.

    So, I developed a brand new rugged platform for use in future projects. Built with strict HTML5, CSS, and Jquery.

    Click here to demo the course platform.

  • Site Redesign: ACHS.edu

    Completely redesigned the website of The American College of Healthcare Science. Their existing website was designed in 2003, and was long overdue for an overhaul. As an accredited college, there were a number of strict rules to follow in regards to website design.

    A quick survey of students and alumni found they loved the new look and feel.

    NOTE: I've now helped ACHS with a 2nd new site.

  • Facebook Interactive Landing

    The American College of Healthcare Sciences asked me to design them an interactive landing page on facebook for potential students. The page is an informational hub, pointing to the most relevant college data online. Until a potential student "likes" ACHS, this is the interactive landing that greets them.

    This design features unique graphical styling, and interactive rollover image links. One of several custom Facebook projects I've completed in the past year.

  • Chillits Design 2010-2011

    Chillits is a small music festival that attracts the best DJs from around the world to camp and perform together in Northern California forest each year. For the past two years I've volunteered to do all of their ticket, tshirt, and poster design work.

    Check out a favorite track from the festival below:

      Joe - Live at Chillits
  • Hundreds of Quick Training Videos

    It's one thing to spend weeks on keystone interactive eLearning projects. But an essential skill of the modern workplace is to be able to develop high quality training videos on the fly. And over the past several years, I've produced hundreds of them.

    The point of these videos is not perfect polish. It's to communicate clearly and effectively without a major investment of time and resources. In the example here, I spent an afternoon creating a video for the Registrar and Student Services team showing students how to perform their own program audit to see which courses they should enroll in next.

  • New Mobile Site Experience Mockup

    When I began working to design a mobile layout for the new college website, I explored several directions. Beyond screenshots, it is often not enough to describe an experience. It's important to be able to fully capture your intended vision.

    Take a look at this quick video illustrating one concept for the mobile layout. Be sure to watch in full-screen.

  • OSU Small Farms Workshops

    Designed a new dynamic web portal for Oregon State University's new Small Farm Workshop Series, empowering the local citizenry with the knowledge and resources to start their own small, local, organic farms.

  • “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
    —Albert Enstein

Contact Information

Ephraim Ross

Salem, OR 97304
United states